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Every so often, we Converters get out. This time it was to Feneos, near Lake Doxa, located in Korinthos.

The plan was to experience 2 days of exploring this evergreen landscape, by doing a series of outdoor activities and we actually made it.

But besides that, we thought that our first post should introduce some of the extremely talented humans who are part of our Team and working behind the scenes. That should help you realize that we are a bunch of people who love meaningful data and live for your conversions.


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Panayotis Gezerlis, CEO & Head of Consulting

“Data fuels great strategy. Just try to bring me more of this ingredient.”

Captain of consulting and his own sailboat (one day!). He keeps the pulse of the biz – keeping everyone in line and business booming. When he’s not on a stage at a conference or meeting clients or on a plane, he likes to keep up with his beloved family. His unparalleled vision and leadership keeps the company and our quality of work top-notch. He is the engine that keeps projects moving forward at Convert Group.

Fun facts/secrets revealed:

• He likes to do men’s things. (e.g. watching the next episode of House Cards, without mentioning it to his wife).


Elena Chailazopoulou, eBusiness Consultant


“If you want pretty, we can do pretty. But we’re so much more than pretty.”

Driven by data and rapt by results—Elena is part of Convert Group’s eBusiness consulting team where she wrestles daily with Email providers and Internet browsers to make your Web marketing beautiful,versatile and functional. She loves to untangle chaos, create structure and results that are meaningful and beautiful. And our clients love working with her. Bring on a mess of project details and watch her emerge on the other side with a great solution.

Fun facts/secrets revealed:

• Owns a “Hall of Fame” with last-name misspellings memories.

• Her first pet was a hamster.

• She is forever in search of the perfect breakfast.


George Skiadopoulos, eBusiness Consultant

“Let’s sketch the big picture, then nail down the details.”

If your project requires more than just a bit of pretty, you will be glad to have him in your corner. Don’t let his youngish appearance fool you: George’s Data Analysis Kung Fu surpasses that of many elders of the trade with ease! Informatician by education and musician by vocation, George has found his Zen in eBusiness Consulting and music. You can watch him playing his guitar with his band called Ex Girlfriend’s Perfume.

Fun facts/secrets revealed:

• Before he sleeps, he always makes an evaluation of his every day,  trying to make the most of it.

• He loves taking Instagram photos of cats.


Manos Koumantakis, eBusiness Consultant

“I tested this e-blast on 25 platforms. And it’s mobile-friendly.”

He speaks in digital tongues: SEO, SEM and PPC. He’s fluent, baby. If we converted this creative mastermind into an equation, he would equal: “Imagination + Agility + Precision”. Manos will be as passionate about your business as he is about his tennis training. Sketch your idea and he will draw the story.

Fun facts/secrets revealed:

• He enjoys windsurfing more than web surfing, even though he faces more 404s while windsurfing

• One of his most stressful moment was at the age of 27 when he had to address 700 participants at a San Diego international conference. What an experience!

• He participated in a European Community WG project under the title of “Safe Surf for Kids”, which had been awarded best Safe Surf project in Greece.


Christos Vareloglou, Marketing Manager

“So I was thinking about our Lead Generation Campaigns in the shower this morning…”

He’s driven by truly understanding and solving marketing challenges with creativity and innovation. He loves Web Analytics and his secret sauce is 80/20. In his spare time, he likes running and writing in his 
Blog, which has been trying to update since 2010.

Fun facts/secrets revealed:

• He enjoyed his 6-month Erasmus Program in one of the most beautiful places of the world, called Aix-en-Provence, located in southern France.

• He tried open-mic stand-up comedy once. It didn’t go so well.


Konstantina Papagiannopoulou, Junior Business Analyst

“I’ll make a spreadsheet for this.”

Konstantina brings sunshine into any space. Rumor has it, that it was her magic tricks that got her to join our flock. But that’s not the only thing that convinced us about her: Her devotion, discipline and eagerness to learn, makes her the perfect trainee to complement our team in Convert Group.

Fun facts/secrets revealed:

• She is still watching videos of Harry Potter’s backstage and cries for the end of an era.

• She is tired of people freaking out when she says she doesn’t like chocolate.

Posted on March 24, 2016 in Life at Convert Group

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