Online Market Intelligence for brands and retailers

Track and analyse market shares online through eRetail Audit

This is how it works
Raw data of sales are collected in real time from multiple online retailers
Thousands of product purchases data are cleansed & categorised daily
Using machine learning algorithms data convert into meaningful information
Online promotional 2yr back-data are analysed per day

Meaningful Market Information for Brands

– eCommerce Market Shares

– eCommerce Market Evolution

– eCommerce Seasonality (Search Intention & Actual Sales)

– Sales Distribution per Marketing Channel & Activity

– Basket Penetration

– eCommerce Competition Analysis

– Online Purchase Intention Monitoring

– Promotions Barometer

– Online Promo Evaluation within hours


Actionable Insights for Online Retailers

Weekly updates:
Learn all you need to know about the top-selling brands and products, your sales progress in a glance and benchmark your online store against the industry.
Monthly reporting:
The easiest way to understand a tailor-made report that you will ever have. Review over 30 KPIs like:

– your sales evolution vs market’s

– your average basket value vs market’s

– sources of traffic for you and your close competitors

– top10 brands and categories with relative weights

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eRetail Audit is currently available for the online pharmacy & online grocery sectors

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